Nioion intelligent high current active equalization battery management system

Drawing on the Tesla BMS system, based on the large-scale measured data of 18650 battery charge and discharge characteristics, aging model, warming characteristics and individual differences, Panasonic and Tesla jointly created a delay battery life to ensure SOC estimation error and BMS for safety performance, this system is now available on the Tesla model S series

10 core technical performance advantages High cruising range / high security reliability / high efficiency equalization system

  • SOC high-precision estimation algorithm for rapid modeling real-time error correction
  • Efficient active balancing
  • Layered protection, data monitoring smoke alarm system
  • Leakage detection system
  • Complete self-test diagnosis
  • Strong anti-jamming communication method and EMI design
  • Cell, battery block, battery component layer management
  • Temperature acquisition system voltage
  • Balance thermal management of battery loads
  • Internal record, identify problem battery